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Patek Philippe was first founded in 1839 by two Polish people, Norbert Antoine de Patek and Francois Czapek, under the name Patek Czapek & Co. Later, Patek in 1844 and the Greek watch designer Jean Adrien Philippe partnership to form a new company, the name changed to Patek Philippe & Co. Patek Philippe is the only Swiss existing entirely by the family independently operated watch manufacturer. Patek Philippe watches has always attached importance to shape design and production processes, tabulation process all completed in Geneva factory, is the world's many brands in the watch all the movement was a "Geneva Seal" (Geneva Seal) brand. Not long ago, Patek Philippe once again set the antique watch world auction record, a 1933 for the United States a banker custom watches, the transaction price of up to 11 million US dollars. This watch has 24 functions, the design time to spend 3 years, but also made with 5 years time. A watch produced for 8 years, this is what a sense of quality. With this strong sense, in the company since its establishment more than a century and a half, the total output of only 600,000 or so. Commendable is that Patek Philippe will not be popular because of the market made a shoddy. The factory has a confidential workshop, over a hundred years to maintain a tradition that each year only a handmade products, and who to get this watch, at least wait 8 to 10 years. Patek Philippe enlarge Patek Philippe Patek Philippe watches average retail price of 13,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars. Swiss company is the only real one of the independent watchmaker, from head to tail are their own production, training a Patek Philippe watchmaker to be 10 years. Creating a complex Patek Philippe watch takes 2 to replica watches 3 years, a simple phenotype sent out at least 9 months, which is the same as the birth of a person. Seven traditional tabulation process Swiss watch the altar said that the traditional manufacturing practices for the seven traditional watchmaking in Geneva (The Seven Crafts of Geneva), that is, the combination of designers, watchmakers, goldsmith, watch chain Carpenter, sculptor, porcelain artist and gemmerer traditional crafts . Since the beginning of the seventeenth century, Geneva has been the development center of the watch industry, watch division proficient in these seven ancient handed down from the process, and combines art, technology, technology and love of technology. These traditional crafts can be preserved, Patek Philippe use of these skills, made of accurate and meticulous watch, spread later. As a result of manual refined swiss replica watches a lot of time-consuming, Patek Philippe annual production of less than 20,000. At the end of 1996, the Patek Philippe watch factory succeeded in concentrating the scattered production plants around the newly completed plant. This year, in Pasadena, the Patek Philippe watch factory was able to concentrate its efforts on the production of new products, Seoul Exhibition, PP President and Managing Director Philip Sten said: after the smile, no longer limited to twenty thousand. Each watch is marked with Geneva Most of the watchs in the Patek Philippe are given the Geneva Seal, a mark of high-quality internal running parts. Geneva mark since 1886 since the creation, set the standard manufacturing watches to confirm the superb Swiss watchmaking. Over the years, Patek Philippe is committed to the establishment of a unique style, the creation of the watch styles can be summarized into five categories: Calatrave series of classic watch, Nautilus series sports watch, Golden Ellipse series watches, Flamme series ladies watch and Gondolo watches. Calatrava series enlarge Calatrava series * Calatrava series In 1932, Patek Philippe launched the extraordinary Calatrava series men's watch, rounded surface, elegant design, to date, Calatrava series of men and women watch is still the most popular watches Patek Philippe watches. On the Patek Philippe watch, the most popular watch is definitely a very unusual, single to Calatrava series, for example, to create at least 24 different models. The Calatrava series is named after the beautiful badge of the Calatrava Cross, the beautiful flag of the Patek Philippe, used by the Crusaders. Pictured Calatrava, hand-wound watch, nail watch ring, waterproof depth of 25 meters, gold or platinum manufacturing, the Geneva quality mark. Gondolo series enlarge Gondolo series * Gondolo series Beautiful Gondolo series of replica watches to further reflect the perfect Patek Philippe made important policy: determined to eliminate all difficulties, to test our watchmaking technology, in order to exceed the limit. Each model of the Gondolo series of watches, regardless of the watch number is barrel-shaped diamond-shaped or ladder-shaped micro-arch rectangular arch, are superb masterpiece, other watch manufacturers difficult to compare. The hand-crafted gold wave bracelet is specially created for the Gondolo watch series, although some models of the Gondolo watch are also suitable for high-quality, color selection of many leather strap. Golden Ellipse series enlarge Golden Ellipse series * Golden Ellipse series Golden Ellipse series lines beautiful oval design, together with the shiny porcelain blue surface, can be said to be one of Patek Philippe's masterpiece. Originally created in 1968, Golden Ellipse is based on the "Golden Section" ratio of classical architecture. This application of the proportion of 2000 aesthetic and harmonious law, has not been able to out of its right. In 1993, on the basis of the existing continue to develop, Patek Philippe has developed a new design of the Golden Ellipse ladies watch. The biggest feature of the new design is the leather strap on the addition of free gold rings. [edit] Patek Philippe's history Patek Philippe watch factory to have today's brilliant achievements, all rely on endless R & D and innovation, and its creation, derived from a Polish aristocracy Antoine de Patek vision and vision. Antoine de Patek in the 1830s due to political factors in Poland from the hometown of the exile, and finally settled in the watch industry in the Holy Land of Geneva, he crafted watchmaking, determined to create the world's finest watches. In 1839, Patek and Francois Czapek jointly set up a company, led to the Geneva watch industry elite, the use of precious metals such as gold and the most advanced production equipment, launched a high-quality watches, began to be renowned. However, Czapek in 1845, the portals, Antoine de Patek then with a French young watchmaking creative genius Adrien Philippe partner. Adrien Philippe had just invented the combination of the refining system for the watch industry to bring a revolutionary change, eliminating the previous use of the key to refining the trouble. This design changes the impact of today's watch design is still to benefit. The two of them will name together, as Patek Philippe - since then to create the world's best-known clocks and reputation so far. Patek Philippe enlarge Patek Philippe In 1930, Philippe Stern family took over the Patek Philippe, keep Patek & Philippe handed down the business policy, which traced back from the nineteenth-century generation of pay, time-tested watchmaking method, the Patek Philippe became Geneva only family system watch enterprises. Patek Philippe is currently the world's only hand-refined watches are still manufacturers, Geneva is now the only watch factory in the factory to complete all the watchmaking process manufacturers. [edit] New and old management model Sophisticated technology, expensive materials, unique publicity is the name of Patek Philippe to maintain the "Rolls Royce" title of the mystery. A traditional family-run watch brand, whether in the field of unmatched world, after 100 years of wind and rain still proudly stand? Recently just landed on the beach, out of its national first, the world's third boutiques of Patek Philippe gives their answers. In the Kingdom of watches and clocks, on the history of Patek Philippe built in 1837 than Blancpain (1735), VacheronConstanin (1755) and Perrelet (1777) is much younger; on sales, Patek Philippe lost to Timex and Seiko; on the publicity, Patek Philippe Rolex low-key than , Such as the stationed on the Bund 18, Patek Philippe did not any high-profile propaganda, and its LOGO rarely appear on the dial. But all along, it has been hailed as the world's top ten watches, the list of "Rolls-Royce." Patek Philippe how to do all this? When it enters China's emerging market, what are the strategies worthy of learning? Patek Philippe enlarge Patek Philippe [edit] Business mind and precision technology Patek Philippe's pioneer AntoniPatek is a Polish, since childhood smart and quite artistic talent. Due to the volatile situation in Poland, AntoniPatek fled to study painting in Geneva, Switzerland. Later, he keenly felt the broad prospects for the watch industry, they bought the quality of the movement to assemble and sell their own watches and clocks, and soon cut a striking figure in the business field. 19 years old, AntoniPatek start an independent business. In 1844, Patek with their products to participate in the Paris Clock Fair, and get to know the Expo Gold Award winner, inventor of the key chain technology AdrienPhilippe. A year later they teamed up to create Patek & PhilippeCo (Patek Philippe). AntoniPatek business sense and AdrienPhilippe's sense of innovation, superb technology together to create the early Patek Philippe. AdrienPhilippe I believe in "manufacturing precision machinery" concept, heavy weight, slow work is a fine Patek Philippe firm production principle, its purpose is only one --- the pursuit of precision. An ordinary Patek Philippe watch from design to factory at least 9 months. In the material selection, Patek Philippe did not hesitate to pay. Early Patek Philippe case, the material used for the silver and 18K gold; since the 20th century, most of the choice of 18K gold or platinum. In the watch technology, Patek Philippe has also been in a leading position, with a number of patents, only 1949 to 1979, 30 years, will be 40 patents, many of its patents for the list of the most. In the 160-year period, the total amount of watches produced by Patek Philippe is extremely limited, and even lost to a fashion watch a year's output, but also to maintain its noble identity. [edit] The world's most successful luxury advertising Patek Philippe enlarge Patek Philippe As one of the hallmarks of luxury brands, Patek Philippe has its own secret shop, the annual production of watches and clocks not more than 30,000, each priced from 10,000 US dollars to millions of dollars. Most notably, Patek Philippe has created the myth of "the most expensive watch in the world" - a Patek Philippe watch specially designed for a banker in the United States to display the month, date, sunset and sunrise time. 24 different kinds of information. The watch lasted 3 years design, 5 years of production, a total of eight years. Well-made watches need to be appreciated, especially in terms of luxury goods. Patek Philippe set up soon, the first London Fair held on the watch, Victoria Queen went to the scene and bought a novel design of the novel Kevin Patek Philippe watchless key chain. The Queen's husband, Prince Burt also bought a Patek Philippe hunting watch. "Celebrity purchase boutique", through this free advertising, Patek Philippe laid its aristocratic status. Today, in Patek Philippe's customer list, there are 100 kings, 54 queen, in addition to Einstein, Marie Curie, Charlotte Bronte, Tchaikovsky and other celebrities. In spite of this, Patek Philippe's advertising or abandon its "noble descent", select the ordinary people to do the protagonist, recorded by the photographer under the ordinary mother or son of the warm moments, play "no one can have Patek Philippe, but for the next Generation custody only "phrase advertising slogan. It touches the human obsession with time, love the nature of future generations, while expressing the pursuit of Patek Philippe: "in the most simple design of the configuration of the most complex structures. In the world of advertising, this ad has been recognized as one of the most successful luxury goods in advertising, it is the spread of the global spread of the Patek Philippe made a contribution. [edit] New and old management model go hand in hand In the management model, Patek Philippe and many luxury brands, has been the implementation of independent family-style management, mantle, so far is the third generation. In order to maintain the independence of the company and to ensure product quality, Patek Philippe recently acquired two manufacturing companies: case maker CALAME and specialized manufacturing mold company TRAMELAN. In sales, Patek Philippe also adapted to local conditions, take the old and new models go hand in hand. After landing in Shanghai, Patek Philippe changed in the past in Southeast Asia only to find distributors do not direct retail sales model, bold use of the nowadays more popular luxury business model, discretionary MELCHERS (the United States when the Group) for agents and retail. Patek Philippe in the United States at the time of the Group's partners in Asia, as early as 1872 they set up offices in Shanghai, operating raw materials, cameras and other consumer goods business, and Patek Philippe cooperation has more than 20 years of history. Now in Shanghai, the United States in addition to play Patek Philippe's agent, but also shoulder the responsibility of retail, and assume all points of sale sold Patek Philippe watches after-sales service. For this business model, Patek Philippe President PHILIPPE STERN explained that "the United States and China at the end of nearly 140 years of trade, we want to enter the Chinese market, of course, they are the best guide, it is like tourism." He At the same time also said that Patek Philippe in the Chinese market is still in the exploratory stage, will not rush to expand business, mainly in brand communication and strengthen the customer experience-based implant.